The product we offer is made from film that has certifications such as: EuCertPlast and Certified by RecyClass 90% recycled plastic – what does this mean? This is a product that was created to make a real impact on environmental protection by using recycled materials during the production process – It is a recycled product. Did you know that, on average, 1kg of EKO!RETURN film (trade name), which was produced from recyclate, is on average 2kg less carbon footprint compared to the production of film from new raw material? Check our special calculator to see by how much on average you can reduce carbon footprint by choosing this product.


The STAN!DARD film we offer is distinguished by its high resistance, appropriate stickiness, easy stretching and unwinding. On the market you can meet various “standards” when it comes to stretch film. Unfortunately, their quality often leaves much to be desired, so we would like to bring special attention to our STAN!DARD. The quality of all our products is very important in the implementation of our mission, so we attach great importance to it. Due to the different needs of our customers, we can freely personalize the product – its color, weight, thickness of the film (microns) – we comprehensively advise and often test several variants before the first target order.


ONLY!FOL stretch film is a product developed with special technology – the roll does not have a paper tube. A reusable plastic dispenser is designed for the use of the film. What do we gain from this solution? The benefits are at least several. First of all, it is a solution to the troublesome problem of disposing of paper tubes left over from the film. Storage or rolling tubes all over the warehouse – with ONLY!FOL stretch film is a thing of the past. No disposal means saved time and money. Stretch film ONLY!FOL is a product that perfectly fits into the concept of sustainable development, taking care of nature by reducing the production of paper tubes.

Machine stretch film is used to secure all kinds of cargo – especially in transportation and warehouse logistics. It is perfect for wrapping pallets in large production facilities. It is difficult to imagine today’s transportation without stretch film.

Machine stretch film is designed for use in a machine called a wrapping machine. Preferred by companies where the number of daily shipments is very large and it pays to automate the wrapping of pallets. The machine is more efficient than man and does not get tired. Machine stretch also saves film and has greater control over its consumption – the machine uses a very similar amount of film each time. When a human works with a manual film, it is difficult to unequivocally check its consumption – someone wraps with a smaller and someone with a larger amount of stretch film.

Our company offers three different stretch films: EKO!RETURN, STAN!DARD and ONLY!FOL. The films, in addition to the type of raw material they are made of (whether new raw material or regranulate), the method of winding (on a paper tube or without it) within their group may also differ:

Roll weight, color or thickness.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers choose products that will best suit their needs. It might seem simple – after all, it is only stretch film… Well, is it only? We guarantee that the saying “it’s just stretch film” has long gone to the past, and we know our job and can do it at the highest level.

We will be happy to have a conversation with you. We will easily and conveniently select the right solution that works best for your business.